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Wallpaper coater

Main Features

• Double-position winding and unwinding, automatic precision cutting and joining ensures non-stop operation;
• Floating  pendulum roller-type tension mechanism, stable and controllable to ensure product quality;
• Automatic actuator for thickness detection and clearance adjustment ensures the precision of coating;
•The matting mechanism is configured to effectively remove the smooth surface and make the coating effect more even and smooth.
•Advanced drying oven air duct is designed with secondary return air device: low noise, high drying efficiency, stable and uniform temperature,
• Fully enclosed insulation oven, electric loading structure, the whole case with negative pressure design for energy saving;
• Equipped with Import PLC centralized control, easy computer touch screen operation, the working condition and parameters are shown in detail.

Main Technical Parameters

Printing materials pure paqper, non-woven paper,
Width of product 530mm,700mm(Max)
Precision of coating ±0.005mm
Coating thickness 120-800/㎡
Max. roll diameter φ1200mm
Tension control range 5-60kg/ full width
Tension control accuracy ±0.2kg
Max production speed 70m/Min (Depending on property of product)
Max machine speed 80m/Min (frequency conversion  speed control)
Drying & heating method conduction oil heating, burner heating (optional)