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1600L8-A5-R1500 Wall cloth Printing, laminating and embossin

• From raw materials, molds, proofing machines to the entire set of equipment start-up,  training by veteran expert  in the industry is provided to achieve single-stop-type wall cloth production;
• Independent servo control for random matching of different-size wheels;
• Pre-registration is controlled within ± 20mm by photoelectric automatic registration computer system with high yield, and the printing effect is accurate and clear;
• From raw material to line production, achieves one-time efficient production at 25 m/min,
•Easy operation, human-computer interaction, data monitoring easy to operate;
• Perfect after-sales service: 24-hour response, regular return visit within 30 days;
• Good process expansion and forward-looking: there has reserved space for future expansion for embossing, top print, screen printing, gravure, synchronous printing, synchronous embossing and other process;

 Main Technical Parameters

Printing materials PVC,cnvas base, non-woven cloth
Face width of wheel 1600mm 
Width of product 1730mm(Max)
Colors of prinitng 5 colors (Can increase or decrease)+ post-processing (raised printing/screen printing)
Plate diameter & length φ168-230mm, L≤650
Embossing force/imprint pressure 10t, 800kg/ full width
Printing plate   Non-shaft loading
Embossed depth 450g paper
Mode of changing rolls 
(cutting & joining)
Gluing or sewing up manually(for choice)
Tension control range 5-.50kg/full width
Tension control accuracy ±0.5kg
Gravure printing registration accuracy ±0.2mm (automatic)
Max production speed 30m/Min (Depending on property of product)
Max machine speed · 50m/Min (frequency conversion  speed control)
Drying & heating method conduction oil heating, burner heating (optional)
Host drive mode electronic shaft drive