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800-A8-type Wallpaper High-speed Printing & Foaming Prod

Main Features
• Actual maximum printing production rate reaches 80 m / min;
• 5m long drying vent with two-sided bellows ensures non-woven paper foam effectively in the state of high speed printing;
• Double-position automatic rotary discharge rack enables automatic reloading under high-speed printing;
• The entire line consists of imported low-friction cylinder and precision potentiometer to form a tension closed-cycle control, hence  the accuracy of the overprint stays the same when accelerating or decelerating;
•Advanced drying oven air duct is designed with secondary return air device: low noise, high drying efficiency, stable and uniform temperature,
• Adopts the world-leading Emerson control system: decentralized control, fool-type human-machine interactive operation.
•The whole line is designed with perfect mechanical, electric and pneumatic system and complete safety protection mechanism .

Main Technical Parameters

Printing materials pure paper, non-woven paper, coated paper
Width of product 530mm,700mm(Max)
Colors of printing 8 colors (Can increase or decrease)
Printing plate   Non-shaft loading
Plate diameter  φ168-230mm,
Embossing force/imprint pressure 10t, 800kg/ full width
Max. roll diameter φ1200mm
Embossed depth 450g paper
Imprint pressure 800kg/ full width
Tension control accuracy ±0.2kg
Gravure printing registration accuracy ±0.2mm (automatic)
Max production speed 80m/Min (Depending on property of product)
Max machine speed 120m/Min (frequency conversion  speed control)
Drying & heating method conduction oil heating, burner heating (optional)