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5.5M 4-layer Netted Sandwich Cloth Laminating Machine

Main Features 

• The unit is a all-in-one laminating machine for four-layer netted sandwich cloth fabrication----laminating and embossing PVC calendered film, synthetic leather/cloth, table-cloth, gold foil/silver foil, which are widely used as light-box cloth, outdoor advertising inkjet tape, water interception sea floating encirclement cloth and municipal construction encirclement cloth, or applicable for materials for shoes, handbags etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Composite base materials PVC calendered film, nylon fabric
Width of product 530mm,700mm(Max)
Effective compositing width 3800mm
Maximum width of finished product 3700mm
Max compositing speed 3-30m/Min
Max machine speed 3-30m/Min 
Max. roll-up diameter φ 800mm
Max. unwinding diameter φ 500mm
Inner diameter of spindle tube φ 75.5mm-φ 78mm
Drying & heating method conduction oil heating, electrical heating (optional)
Tension control range 0-50kg