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Pipeline products to buy knowledge and product categories

Date of publication:2017-06-27 10:37

Pipeline is widely used in all walks of life, probably improving the production efficiency and save time for the enterprises to bring the most direct economic benefits; but the face of a variety of lines, a wide range of functions, how to choose a line for their own Has become a headache for the enterprise; for this problem, Ebbers will solve these problems for you one by one; please refer to the following steps:
1 - Determine customer use
      Usually used in the following purposes: logistics courier business warehouse (usually with the logistics lines, express lines, electricity business lines, logistics sorting line, express sorting line, electricity to sort line), workshop production (usually with PVC lines, Belt conveyor line, differential chain line, roller assembly line, drum line, drying line or drying line), product delivery (usually with transmission lines, transportation equipment, transportation lines, climbing lines);
2 - to determine the style
      Pipeline line is usually the following models: roller assembly line, belt lines, chain plate line (also known as the chain line), to Fuk round line, fluent line, hanging lines, SMT lines;
3 - Identify the industry
      Usually in accordance with their own industry to buy a dedicated line, there are: electric vehicle assembly line, motorcycle assembly line, electronic product lines, table assembly line, product assembly line, TV lines, display lines, air conditioning lines, microwave lines, air compressor lines, Machine lines, LED lines, LED aging line, range hood line,
 Plate furniture lines, wardrobe lines, kitchen cabinets lines, air static assembly line, the refrigerator assembly line, the refrigerator production line;
If the above information is not enough to help you buy, it can be the easiest way, that is, so that suppliers come to understand the product and site requirements, and then for the customer out of the specific program; our company, but free home measurement and program Oh, : 020-22158715 13006871230 Mr. Wen;
Usually customers can also find relevant suppliers online, usually the easiest way to discount is to search the region name in Baidu search, so you can find the nearest suppliers, such as search: Guangzhou pipeline, Guangzhou roller line, Guangzhou delivery Line, Guangzhou production line, Guangzhou reflow, Guangzhou wave soldering, drying line in Guangzhou, Foshan assembly line, Foshan roller line, Foshan transmission line, Foshan production line, Foshan reflow, Foshan wave welding, Foshan drying line; above information hope to help To the majority of customers friends!