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Turn the line of the way of the way of transport machinery

Date of publication:2017-06-27 10:35

Pipeline is a certain line in the continuous delivery of goods handling machinery, also known as transmission line or conveyor. In accordance with the conveyor series of products can be divided into: belt lines, plate chain line, multiple chain lines, plug-in line, mesh line, hanging line and roller lines of these seven lines. Generally comprising a traction member, a carrier member, a drive means, a tensioning means, a redirecting means and a support member. Pipeline transport capacity, transport distance, but also in the delivery process at the same time to complete a number of process operations, so the application is very extensive.
Pipeline is an effective combination of man and machine, the most fully embodies the flexibility of the device, it will transport system, accompanying fixture and online plane, testing equipment, organic combination to meet the requirements of multi-species delivery. Transmission line transmission mode is synchronous transmission / (mandatory), it can be non-synchronous transmission / (flexible), according to the configuration of the choice, you can achieve assembly and delivery requirements. The transmission line is indispensable in the mass production of the enterprise.
As we all know, the strength of the company's quality is guaranteed, consumption of anything to look at its brand strength and influence. Pipeline enterprises in the production of indispensable machinery and equipment, the use of high-quality products is the best way to produce enterprises.
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Guangzhou Xin Lin Cheng Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional production line equipment manufacturers, for all types of factories, warehouses, express logistics to provide a variety of assembly line equipment, assembly line style, specifications, functions can be customized according to customer requirements! Since the establishment of the company 8 years, in the assembly line industry has accumulated a large number of assembly line industry experience, and free of charge to provide customers with home measurement, program production and other services!
The same time as the above-
The current production line can be divided into two categories: workshop production lines, transportation lines (such as packaging industry and electricity business logistics industry); specific products are: electronics factory assembly line, transmission line (referred to as transmission line or conveyor equipment), roller assembly line ), Belt assembly line (SMT line), SMT lines, drying lines, climbing lines, logistics lines, express lines, cosmetics lines, food lines, pharmaceutical lines, packaging lines, speed chain lines, assembly line (assembly line) , The assembly line (referred to as the aging line), plug-in assembly line (referred to as plug-in line), chain plate assembly line (referred to as chain plate line), plate chain line (referred to as the chain line), electricity business lines, motorcycle lines, Aging lines, clothing lines, handbags lines, home appliances and other products line!
At present, Xinlin Cheng has become the famous brand of the following industries: Guangzhou pipeline industry, Guangzhou roller line industry, Guangzhou transmission line industry, Guangzhou production line industry, Foshan assembly line industry, Foshan roller line industry, Foshan transmission line industry, Foshan production line industry; Product quality, pre-sale service and brand building, after years of development, in the assembly line industry has established a better reputation, and strive to become the Guangdong region of high-quality brand line!